In the Rearview: Post-Christmas Blues and Living in the In-Between

The few days after December 25th may be some of the strangest days of the year with the climax of Christmas behind us and the dreary winter months ahead. At least for me, the heightened expectation of gifts and family is now replaced by a melancholy nonchalance accompanied by the looming question of "what do we do now?"

The Carol(s) of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs forces us to look at ourselves and state the facts: the relationships you have, break, and start, the journey you’re on, the goals you’ve set, the places you’ve been, the home you’ve built and the plans you make have no bearing on the fact that you’re going to die. At the end of the movie, it’s like the directors chuckle as they peer into the hearts of their viewers and smugly say, “What? We’re just being honest.”

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