When Hope Holds our Hand and Leads Us Home

Each year at the end of October, Halloween festivities take center stage with many Americans tricking and treating in one form or another. And each year in the shadow of ghosts and ghouls and Batman capes, All Saints’ Day assumes the following act. On November 1st, liturgical churches consider, reflect, and remember what St. Paul... Continue Reading →

Boiling Blood & An Interposing Savior: Fleming Rutledge on Injustice

The last few weeks have been filled with feeble attempts to make sense of the senseless violence and continued oppression of our black and brown brothers and sisters. Thankful for Fleming Rutledge's directive towards scripture and it's unwavering stance to side with the oppressed which is seen most clearly in the rescuing work of Jesus.... Continue Reading →

The Carol(s) of Buster Scruggs

Buster Scruggs forces us to look at ourselves and state the facts: the relationships you have, break, and start, the journey you’re on, the goals you’ve set, the places you’ve been, the home you’ve built and the plans you make have no bearing on the fact that you’re going to die. At the end of the movie, it’s like the directors chuckle as they peer into the hearts of their viewers and smugly say, “What? We’re just being honest.”

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