The Christ-Child – Graham LePage

This poem comes from our dear friend, Graham LePage. Amazon has a great deal on his collection of poems – Order yours today!

The Christ-Child

The Christ-child toddles, totters

falls, grasps at handfuls of dirt,

tastes all things, feels each new thing new,

(How tiny the hands of the Maker)

babbler, blabber, downfall of Babylon,

nap-time Christ, belly down to blanket,

snoring his holy snoring, hungry

with holy hunger, overturning his toy bins,

giggler, grabber, wonder-eyes

wandering off leaving Mary to wonder where,

grubby fingers, chubby belly, gap-toothed grinner,

God in the flesh, God with soft hair,

The good God at play.


Media Credit: PopSugar

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