A Playlist For Prodigals

There’s a story Jesus tells in the Bible about two brothers who reject their father’s love. One son is reckless, the other legalistic. One runs away from home and the other stays to earn his father’s love. Both are flawed and broken but in the end, the story isn’t really about them; it’s about their father who seeks them regardless of how they feel towards him. The story rings true today in that despite all of our mess or “righteous” living we think either keeps us from or qualifies us for love, it all ends up being a wash. The story is about how The father’s love is actually what’s prodigal – his love for his children is reckless, absurd, some would even say foolish. And the best part of the story is that the father’s love is not the stuff of fairytales or make-believe. The best part is that Love has takes form and walks among us. And his name is Jesus.

We usually feature seasonal playlists. And seeing that we’re never not in a season of prodigality, we thought it fitting to gather the songs below. We hope that in this season of Lent, these tunes would pluck a heartstring or two and that whatever brother you resonate within Jesus’ story above, you’ll find comfort knowing that the rumors of grace are true.


Photo Credit: Google, WordPress

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