Poetry From The Valley: Still Waiting

Wonderful poem here from Dana Streufert:

Still Waiting

I see the land before me
as it was, as it is
as I hoped it would be.

Grumbling, I go forth.

Passing a calf of gold
I see within myself all that I loathe
and judge.

My heart quivers
then beats harder
for the One who hath always loved

I continue forward
renewed, expectant
not fully knowing
but believing, I go.

Onward, ahead, I see mountains;
before them, some descending.
And there I sense I am still in the valley,

Exodus 32 // Psalm 46

The postures we assume during our everyday waiting take many different forms. Often we default to some shade of grumbling, complaining, or concern for the unknowable future. During this season of Lent, it is humbling to think that Jesus was waiting and knew full well the cross would come. His march toward Calvary was perfect and selfless and resulted in his humiliating mutilation on the cross. However, I cannot help but think he was waiting for Sunday as well. His death and resurrection does not remove us from the valley; it plants Him directly by our side. Our expectancy is not a wish that things might work out. It is the hope that all things have worked out in the resurrection.

Read the rest of Dana’s blog here.

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